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Scripps learned much from the genius of Dr. W. Edwards Deming
“Scripps’ passion and enthusiasm for excellence was learned
from the master, Dr. W. Edwards Deming


"Tom Scripps is a very effective consultant and trainer. He quickly understands problems, crafts solutions that meet the needs and effectively communicates the solution to his client, personally and in writing." Dr. Ronald D. Snee, Author and Principal of Performance Excellence with Tunnell Consulting.

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When experience counts..

“When experience counts…” Tom Scripps’ extensive career has been dedicated to helping organizations achieve process excellence in both manufacturing and service. His broad and deep experience in consulting, mentoring, and training has covered applications from research and development through product and process development, product manufacturing, as well as transactional applications in service applications. Organizations for which he has consulted or trained include manufacturers (chemical, pharmaceutical, plastic, insulation, automotive parts, computer hardware, medical device, consumer product, earth-moving equipment) and service providers (research laboratory, utility, financial service, customer service.)


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