VoC Flow

  • Minimize market risk with VoC Flow.
  • Minimize waste in NPD/R&D.
  • Maximize clarity of requirements definitions.
  • Maximize requirements understanding.
  • Maximize customer value.

VoC Flow is now available for beta testers!

VoC Flow is an invaluable tool that guides design teams through the fuzzy front-end of product or process design from the raw Voice of the Customer to the establishment of internal Functional Requirements.

Whether you are designing a new product or process from scratch, or are in need of better understanding of your customers’ values…

Don’t rely on piecemeal activities to translate customer needs.


Along the way, your team will gain efficient answers to important questions

  • How do I manage the fuzzy front –end of the design process?
  • What do my customers really value?
  • What features will differentiate my product or service in the market?
  • With what features do I need to be competitive in the marketplace?
  • What features must I provide just to stay in the game?
  • To what features are my customers indifferent?
  • Which features of my product or service do customers value the most?
  • How will I know that what I design will fulfill my customers’ needs?
  • How do I set internal specifications on characteristics that will correspond to customer tolerance for variation?

To get your beta release copy now for free, simply click this link and provide your name and email.
You will receive an email response with instructions.


Windows XP or higher

Microsoft Excel 2007 or higher

  • - Allow macros
  • - Add-in: Solver

Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 or higher

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