Coaching / Mentoring

Scripps excels at both coaching and mentoring. Indeed, he has been called the most “right-brained statistician I’ve ever met.”



Coachingassisting individuals and teams with their projects - is a skill at which Scripps has excelled for over 25 years. Coaching may range from help with project selection through the final report or sign-off, or may be more limited in scope to help with the efficient use of a proven tool such as Quality Function Deployment, Monte Carlo simulation, or Designed Experiments.


Mentoring - developing Green and Black Belts into successful practitioners of Lean Six Sigma - is a core competancy for which Scripps is recognized. The Belt progresses through formal and informal training, regular project reviews with both the Belt and his or her Champion, and development of the “soft” skills needed to become a self-sustaining professional in Lean Six Sigma.


Scripps has coached and mentored scores of product and process excellence teams with applications ranging from new product development in computer hardware to process improvement the food and beverage industries. One client’s is saving over $3 million annually from improvements that teams made under Scripps’ coaching.



Scripps preferred model for team coaching and mentoring is to follow Just-In-Time training with regularly scheduled telephone, email and face-to-face project support .

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